Mixing and Mastering

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Alan also prides himself on being as flexible as possible when it comes to mixing and mastering, and offers mixing revision sessions until clients are completely 100% satisfied with the edit, mix and master. 

Editing, mixing and mastering are the final stages of recording a song. Recordings won’t sound professional without editing, mixing and mastering so it’s good to know what is actually happening.

Editing, mixing and mastering are all different steps that are taken after tracking is complete by one of our mixing and mastering engineers in a recording studio. It involves improving the sound quality of individual tracks, balancing them so they fit together in the mix and creating a final master recording. 

With acsses to high-quality equipment and a team of experienced professional audio engineers. This can be the biggest difference between a professional studio edit, mix and master and a home studio project.  This process can be hard to understand so hopefully we can clear things up for you.

What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing puts the puzzle pieces of a song together whilst mastering will give your song the final polish. This step involves optimising the overall sound of your track by making stereo enhancements and adjusting the overall song to ensure it is clear to the listener.  

Mastering looks at making the final mix sound clearer, louder and more professional. This compares to mixing, which focuses more balance and processing of individual tracks. 

We also provide a hybrid, digital and analogue mix down of a session, which can be turned into a stereo mix in pre-determined format. 

The studio’s prices are:

If you intend to send your pre-recorded track to the studio for us to edit, mix, and/or master, please get in touch for quotes.